MY story

I love telling stories.

I've always had an eye for photos. When I was in high school and my 9th grade English teacher told the entire class to choose one photo from online and one book quote to complement it, I immediately began thinking of photos that would make people feel something.

I mean really feel something.

I wanted emotions and memories to connect, and before I could choose a quote, I wanted to choose the photo. This was soon following the events of 9.11 and I found a photo of the Statue of Liberty with a deep blue sky and dark shadows. The portrait of this statue was colorful, vibrant, and deep with raw emotion. People in my class connected with that photo. To this day I don't remember what quote went with the photo, but I do know that photo sparked something in me. The way people felt. The way I felt watching them gaze for minutes. And it wasn't even my photo. 

I wanted to create photos like that. Photos that made people feel something. I wanted to tell stories.

This is me, Kristin. And these people right here are mine.

Welcome to my family.

When you become KOP family, we will come to you. From Florida to Georgia, North Carolina to Virginia, and the DC area, Kristin O'Leary Photography provides lasting memories to the East Coast and beyond. Our goal in the upcoming year is to reach the West Coast and everywhere in between. Let's add your wedding or special event to the list of places we've been.


Places We've been

From my first contact with you to hearing which portraits are your gallery favorites, I believe in honoring the client. Each client at KOP is treated with the utmost respect in terms of time, quality, and delivery. I value my time, therefore I value yours. I value quality work that you'll want to share with friends and family and that's what I strive to deliver, and I value the fast and efficient delivery process of high resolution portraits straight to your online gallery for you to have right at your fingertips the moment they're completed.

I believe you've come here searching for a photographer who values you as a client and whose work speaks to you. If you're ready to become part of the KOP family, send a message by clicking below. As always, I try to respond as quickly as possible.