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I LOVE TELLING STORIES.I've always had an eye for photos. When I was in high school and my 9th grade English teacher told the entire class to choose one photo from online and one book quote to complement it, I immediately began thinking of photos that would make people feel something.

I mean really feel something.

I wanted emotions and memories to connect, and before I could choose a quote, I wanted to choose the photo. This was soon following the events of 9.11 and I found a photo of the Statue of Liberty with a deep blue sky and dark shadows. The portrait of this statue was colorful, vibrant, and deep with raw emotion. People in my class connected with that photo. To this day I don't remember what quote went with the photo, but I do know that photo sparked something in me. The way people felt. The way I felt watching them gaze for minutes. And it wasn't even my photo. 

I wanted to create photos like that. Photos that made people feel something. I wanted to tell stories.

1. I love coffee. Americano, espresso, give me some more. Say "coffee date" and I'm there.  

2. In this day and age of social media, I abhor posting. I'd rather spend my time with family and friends, or editing and taking pictures rather than creating the next social media post. Who else is with me?!

3.I used to teach kindergarten, so my patience level is incredible and I love little ones. 

4. I love date nights and regularly encourage friends and family to have them. Especially if date nights involve food. Win-win!

5. I love being with my family. I have one teenage daughter and two little guys. The teenager is constantly dodging the camera, so you'll rarely find her here. From family walks, playing in the backyard, to inviting friends over...I love everything about my little family. 

I'm Kristin

and most importantly you should know that I am a dedicated wife and mother.

why I began this journey...

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my husband and children are my most favorite people..

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