Ashley and Bill

September 5, 2019

I love how amazing life works sometimes. I met Ashley and Bill purely by happenstance. I was looking through Facebook Marketplace for an antique couch for my upcoming Christmas minis and Ashley was selling one. After the sale of the sofa, we began discussing life and what the purpose of the sofa was and I told her I’m a photographer. Well, turns out Ashley was in need of a photographer. Not only were she and Bill the nicest kind of people, but they are a dream to work with as well. From choosing outfits for their family/maternity session to picking out a location and date, these two (three if you include the most handsome little Jack I’ve ever met, and four if you include little brother about to be born on Friday) were perfect. The sunset at Fort Monroe couldn’t have been more glorious the day we went out there and now I literally want to go back for every session hereafter. Aren’t they a dream!? I can’t wait to meet up with this family at the end of September for their newborn lifestyle session! I’m sending all the well wishes and prayers for them because baby boy will be here this Friday, and he’ll be welcomed in to the most anticipating, loving arms.


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